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Food in Costa Rica. What’s unusual?

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Costa Rica has a lot of imported goods. This means that here you can find almost everything you need, the only question is the price. But there are still some points for which it is better to be prepared. For example, if you are a black tea lover, it will not be easy to find it. It would seem, what could be easier?! I’m sure it is somewhere, but I have not yet found pure black tea. Basically, these are various green, herbal, teas in bags with different additives. Well, that’s not a big problem.

As far as traditional local dishes are concerned, it is safe to say that Costaitans are big fans of rice in any form. It can even be desserts. Have you tried rice, which can be found among other sweets as a dessert at a birthday party? Quite unusual, but tasty enough. Traditional Costa Rican food may not be familiar to foreigners. Like meat wrapped in banana leaves or rice and beans for breakfast. Or, even more unusual, bananas are fried with cheese or cooked as a side dish for meat.


And this is perhaps the favorite of all Costa Ricans, a black bean and spiced snack. Unusual but tasty.

Costa Ricans love to take this snack on meetings with friends and eat it with something very similar to our chips. The main thing here is not to forget that these are still beans and not to overdo it with the quantity =)


There are many vegetables and fruits here, and all of them are delicious, juicy and fresh. Still in a country with such a climate! Supermarkets have a really large assortment and reasonable prices for everything that can be produced in this country. In Costa Rica’s shops you can find a variety of exotic fruits and enjoy them every day. For healthy diets and vegetarians, this is a food paradise. Here it is quite possible to enjoy delicious and, importantly, healthy products.


In general, Costa Rica has everything to eat well and tasty. There are some peculiarities, as in any country, but you can always buy the products you are used to and cook something to your taste.

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